Manager Memories: On This Day 2016 – Remembering Cov. Cathedral Commemoration Of Sky Blue JH!

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Jimmy Hill CCFC Manager 1961-67

The Legend that is Jimmy Hill, renowned in the football world for his exploits, especially at Coventry City and subsequently famous in the media world passed away age 87 on 19th December 2015. Eight years ago today (12th February 2016) people from all over the UK and beyond gathered in Coventry Cathedral to remember the man who was described in the video below as an, “Inspirator, Innovator and Instigator”.

Jimmy leads the singing of SBS at statue unveiling

He was so much more to the Sky Blue family and will always be deeply missed in the city whose Football Club he took from the third tier to the top flight in six short and heady years in the 1960s. The importance of JH and the City to each other will be forever marked in the memories of his players and Sky Blue fans and in the memorial garden and, not least, the statue of the great man outside the Ricoh/CBS Arena which JH himself unveiled.

The Association was proud to be involved in helping, in a small way, to enable the Cathedral commemoration to come together. Those that were there inside (like the CCFPA committee and many of our members and Jimmy’s former players) and outside the Cathedral will have strong memories of the remembrance service cum celebration of JH’s life and career. The Media was also out in force to report on the gathering and the BBC broadcast some of the ceremony live.

Then England anager Roy Hodgson blows his own trumpet!


Bill Glazier in attendance


An appreciative Gary Lineker


Motty gives an oration at the service

Thanks to former CCFPA committee member Dean Nelson you can relive some highlights (approx 30 minutes) of that broadcast which appeared on BBC Midlands Today that 12th February 2016 from outside Coventry Cathedral. It includes early snippets of the ceremony and several interviews with the footballing ‘great and good’  including with another Sky Blue legend, our own CCFPA committee member Dietmar Bruck. Just click on the link or image below:-

Thanks to CCFPA’s Mike Young (& Dean Nelson) for sourcing the images.


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