Please note that if you are a subscriber to Sky Blues Player on Coventry City’s Official Website you can see video interviews done during the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons with a number of the Sky Blue ‘Legends’ of the recent past (all of them members of the Former Players Association) including:- Jeff Blockley; David Busst; Willie CarrPaul Culpin; Kevin Gallacher; Jimmy Holmes; Tommy Hutchison; Trevor Peake; Kirk Stephens and Ian Wallace (see ‘Legends’ under this link). Also Sky Blue Player has several interviews with ‘Legends’ associated with Legends Day 2016.

Also why not check out the following videos ranging from April 2012 to August 1937!!

Legends Day 2012


Legends Day 2010


Jimmy Hill Tribute Day 2010


CCFC European Campaign 1970-71


Coventry v Spurs 1937-38

Legends Day 2015 Preview

JH Life Celebration at Coventry Cathedral Feb.2016

Legends Day 2016 Video

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