Complete the form below to contact Mike Young (Membership Secretary) and Jim Brown (Chairman) with any questions or comments you may have.

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Alternatively you can use the emails below to contact the following CCFPA Committee members directly:

Kirk Stephens (President)

Jim Brown (Chairman)

Billy Bell (Vice Chair & Social Secretary)

Mike Young (Newsletter/Web Master)

Bob Eales (Events Coordinator & Welfare Officer)

Sarah-Jane Morris (Membership & Committee Secretary)

Frank Pritchard (PR/Publicity)

Sandra Garlick (Networking/Sponsorship)

Dietmar Bruck (Players Liaison)

Dave Bennett (Players Liaison)

Claus Bech Jorgensen (Players Liaison)

Dean Nelson (Liaison & Visuals)

Coventry City Former Players Association Committee 2015

CCFPA Committee 2014 (with SM)

(top l-r):  Kirk Stephens; Jim Brown; Billy Bell; Bob Eales; Mike Young  and Frank Pritchard

(bottom l-r)  Sandra Garlick; Claus Bech Jorgensen; Dave Bennett, Dietmar Bruck; Dean Nelson and Sarah-Jane Morris

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