Speedie, D. (David) 1987aug(c)Associate Member Kev Monks‘ CovSupport News Service is reporting that CCFPA member and mercurial ex CCFC forward David Speedie has been awarded €85,000 in damages following a defamation case taken out against the Irish newspaper the Sunday World. In April 2011 the paper had published two articles alleging, amongst other things, that the Irish police ‘had reason to suspect he was involved in criminal activity‘.

As reported in the Irish Times, Mr Speedie claimed the stories falsely meant he was ‘engaged in criminal activity, was involved in smuggling or transportation of drugs and had links to gangland crime’. The Sunday World newspaper, together with its reporter and editor, denied Speedie’s claim and ‘said the words in the stories were true‘.

Following a five day High Court trial with the jury deliberating over two days they awarded David €85,000 in damages and the paper was requested to publish a ‘sincere apology’. Discharging the jury with thanks, Mr Justice John Hedigan reminded them that their recommendation of a public printed apology could not be enforced if the paper did not wish to follow the request.

For full details provided in the Irish Times you can follow the link here: Speedie trial